This function can be run manually in your browser's Developer Tools Console.

The runDiagnostics function can be run in the console to print out diagnostics for the JavaScipt integration. The output includes messages marked [ERROR] (that demand remedial action), [WARNING] (that deserve serious attention) and [INFO] (that deserve consideration). Messages marked [DEBUG] are for deeper debugging and generally not necessary unless you specifically want to dig into the data.

Best Practices

Below are common tests our Support team runs to check for common issues.

Strongly Recommended 

Try on both desktop and mobile for all of the below:

  1. Do one runDiagnostics without scrolling down at all, another after scrolling down all the way (to capture any lazy loading widgets)
  2. If the runDiagnostics has INFO statements about further actions you can take (like scrolling or clicking) to fire remaining events, then complete the additional actions (e.g. scrolling down, right-clicking on recs) till the INFO statements disappear
  3. Do runDiagnostics from the home page, an article page, and a category/section page
  4. Do runDiagnostics both on a first-time page visit and on a refreshed page
  5. Do runDiagnostics in both LI and base slice. For a standard integration using the built-in A|B testing method, the LI slice can be forced with `?igniter_abhash=0` and base slice can be forced with `?igniter_abhash=99`


  • Do runDiagnostics turning disable cache on or off (to test for effect on latency)
  • Do runDiagnostics simulating slow network conditions
  • Do runDiagnostics after clearing out cookies/local storage, and after accumulating long sessions (many pages in a single visit)