Importance of the order of inventory operations:

The inventory insertion process requires a deliberate and thoughtful approach. Adhering to sequential operations with precision plays a big part in ensuring that inventory gets indexed correctly and that subsequent rules matching can happen reliably and effectively. This has implications for recommendation quality and the proper application of business rules in the longterm.

As part of the onboarding process, LiftIgniter will work with customers to finalize the necessary elements regarding inventory insertion. Please DO NOT attempt to insert inventory via the inventory API without having ensured that the following work below is complete.

Important precursors to inventory insertion:

LiftIgniter needs metadata and rules information to set up the foundational scaffolding upon which recommendation logic will be built.
  • Please determine and provide to LiftIgniter the complete list of metadata fields for the inventory you plan to insert
  • Please determine and provide to LiftIgniter your business rules/logic for recommendations

Editing rules after inventory insertion:

It's still possible to make edits to rules after inventory insertion, as long as you have verified that you have the capability to reinsert all the inventory that you expect to be affected by the rules changes.

Please contact if you have questions.