This section explains how to take advantage of the “Trending Items" Chart - which can be selected by following these steps: Select Dashboard > Click "Explore" at the top-left > Select "Trending Items" (see: green box)

Summary: Once you have selected the Trending Items chart, you can elect to pin it to the dashboard by clicking the blue button in the top-right corner. 

[Yellow Box - left] - Trending Items List: A list of catalog items that are ranked in-order of the selected metric.

[Pink Box - right] - Filtering Options: Similar to the Catalog tab, you can filter the results by various metadata categories.

[Green Box - middle] - Metric List: A list of available metrics to compare catalog item performance. 

Available Metrics:

  • Clicks - total clicks for a specific item.
  • Loads [Widget Shown] - total times a specific item was rendered (i.e. number of times the item was recommended)
  • Views [Widget Visible] - total number of times a specific item was visible to a user (i.e. showed up in a user's viewport)
  • CTR - the 'click-through-rate' for a specific item.
  • vCTR - the CTR for a specific item that is adjusted for when the item is visible in a user's viewport (i.e. CTR when a user can see the specific item)

[Red Box - top-right] - Settings Icon: Click icon to toggle (1) default metric or (2) set time/date range for evaluating trending item(s).