This function should only be used if the "pushStateReset" solution outlined for Single Page Web Apps is not working (i.e. if your site uses something other than hash routing or the pushState in HTML5). This is a very uncommon scenario.

In the use-case for this function, a new page isn't loaded despite the fact that user browses through various content. In a standard web flow, the change of page (or state) triggers several automatic functions in our SDK, such as resetting various timers for measuring user activity time, initializing/updating cookies, and collecting inventory.

This function should be invoked when a user transitions to a new "page" within site. Invoking this function triggers the initializations mentioned above, along with $p("send","pageview"). One important consideration is whether the transition to the new "page" updates the context information available on the page (e.g. the metadata to be collected for the inventory, or the canonical URL/ID that is used in the activity and recommendation request). If the underlying page metadata does not change to reflect the current content displayed, please contact Support for guidance on setting up your integration.