Thanks for your interest in LiftIgniter!  Launching your first recommendation implementation can happen in a few, east steps:

Step 1: Establishing the Scope of your first LiftIgniter Personalization Deployment:

In order to start your first deployment, we will need to establish a few parameters:

Recommendation Areas/Widgets:

  • Where should your recommendation areas (widgets) be physically located on the page?

  • How many widgets are you planning to launch and what is the design (ie. number of product or media items to display at once, what assets display for each item) 

  • Your Personalization Deployment will perform well if you let the recommendation engine select items from your entire catalog, but you may want to augment the engine with your own parameters.  Depending on the type of content you are recommending, and how your site is organized, are there additional guidelines for the types of content you want to show?

Product Catalog:

  • What items will be in the product catalog?
  • If there is information for the product which isn't available via the website, how will you be sending us that information?


  • Our console provides full reporting/analytics on LiftIgniter performance, but some customers view their performance on another analytics platform, such as GA.  Will you be using a third-party analytics platform?
  • Are there specific metrics/KPIs that we should be aware of?

Step 2: Add our Beacon to Production

As soon as you become a customer, we encourage you to get the beacon onto your site as soon as possible to start collecting data on your users and content.  Adding the beacon is a simple copy and paste the code directly into the site, or into a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager.  

Step 3: Activate your LiftIgniter Personalization Deployment

LiftIgniter will begin collecting data as soon as the beacon has been added to your site.  After a sufficient amount of data has been collected, and your Personalization Deployment is fully scoped, we first recommend testing the widget at 5% of your traffic.  Once you have assurance that your Deployment is working properly, you can turn up the traffic!

Step 4: See the Results

Our team pays close attention to your performance and refines our model to ensure that the best results are being achieved. The LiftIgniter Customer Success team regularly monitors your account for any issues or errors. Please feel free to reach out to your Personalization Expert with questions as you roll out your full LiftIgniter Deployment.