You can use LiftIgniter to recommend items from one property on any other property you own. This does require activation of cross-site model training, so please contact Support and we will enable tracking across all of your accounts for you. If you implement cross-site recommendations without letting us know, you will receive a mostly static list of popular items for the recommendations from the second property, rather than context-specific or user-specific recommendations.

Implementation (Javascript)

If you have multiple domains, each with a separate JavaScript key, you can request cross-site recommendations by specifying a JavaScript key in the "opts" parameter of both the widget registration and widget tracking. This allows us to fetch recommendations from the second property's inventory, and to correctly track performance between the two accounts.

The following is the simplified script for implementing registering, rendering, and tracking functionality for cross-domain recommendations on your site:

// Register call to get 100 recommendations for widget 'default-widget'.
// Apply a simple callback to print out the JSON response.
$p('register', {
  max: 100, // Large number requested so you can see our full range of items
  widget: 'default-widget', // name of widget
  opts: {jsk: "f7tsbsle43k5kmlo"},             
  callback: function(resp) {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(resp, null, 2));
    console.log("// TEST.");
    // In order to launch recs in production, please reference the documentations on Rendering Widgets and Tracking Widgets:
    // $p('render', ...) 
    $p("track", {
      elements: ...
      opts: {jsk: "f7tsbsle43k5kmlo"},
// Execute the registered call.

Implementation (API)

  • The API key you use should be for the second property (the one from which you want recommendations).
  • The url or id field that you include should be the URL or ID for the item the user is currently viewing on the original property.
  • Please include the gid field value.This is a cross-site global user ID. This is stored in the _igg cookie value.
  • Please include all of the other standard fields for a /model request as normal.