Not a Developer?

If you'd like to see a demonstration of our service and get more details on how LiftIgniter works, contact us here. We'll set up a meeting with you to show LiftIgniter in action.

For Developers:

LiftIgniter-Only Integration

We recommend first taking a look at our example JSFiddle showing how LiftIgniter is implemented post-Proof of Concept. This will let you see how the functions in our code work together to request, render, and track recommendations on your site, without the additional A|B test handling code. 

LiftIgniter (with A|B Test Handling)

We have also created a JSFiddle that implements our built-in A|B test handling. This is how your code will typically look  when set up on a site for an initial Proof of Concept if you are developing your own integration. If you already have a LiftIgniter account and have collected some items in your inventory already, please feel free to insert your own Javascript key into lines 18 and 21 of the fiddle to see items returned from your own site!