If you have deleted an item from your CMS or site you can either allow it to expire from our inventory naturally or it can be deleted via our API. 

Allow Items to Expire

Items collected via our Javascript inventory scraping will expire 30 days after they were last collected. If the item you deleted was very new or had very little traffic, it is unlikely to be recommended and it may be safe to allow it to expire naturally. In most cases, you will likely want to delete it sooner than that, which can be done via our API.

Delete Directly Via API

You don't have to be a developer to delete an item, and you don't need to have an integration between your CMS and our inventory already set up. Instead, you can download a tool like Postman which will let you make API requests directly.

  1. Download and Install Postman
  2. Import the Postman collection attached to this Solution page
  3. Enter your API key and the URL of the item you wish to delete in the Body tab (see screenshot below for where to go in Postman to make these changes)
  4. Click Send in the upper right corner. In the Response window in Postman, you should get a 200 message saying that the item was successfully deleted.
  5. You can double-check that the item is no longer in the inventory by going to the Insights page and entering the URL. You should see a message saying:

"We were unable to find an inventory item matching the id <URL you entered>"

You can also request our Support team remove the item for you and we'll be happy to help!