LiftIgniter lets you have complete control over the way your recommendations are displayed by uploading your own templates into our lab. Because we are generating screenshots of the recommendations, you can even use web-based HTML and CSS to create overlays, borders, and other effects that are impossible to successfully render across all email clients.

1. Create New Template

2. Add Name and Description

3. Add your Template Code

The template code controls the display of a single item. We provide a simple template to get you started, but you can include links to your own site CSS, use your own CSS classes and IDs, and generally have complete control over the display of your item. Click Preview at any time to see how your items would be displayed.

4. Specify the number of items this template will generate recommendations for, and the width and height of the resulting screenshot.

5. Specify which inventory parameters are included in your items

All items must have a value for the fields specified in order to be considered a valid recommendation.

6. Activate additional rules

The API parameters allow you to specify that additional rules, including both standard LiftIgniter filters such as maxAgeInSeconds, and any custom rules that have been created for your account.

7. Should Recommendations Persist or Refresh on Every Open?

You can decide whether recommendations should stay the same once they are generated for a user, or if you'd like to have new recommendations supplied each time the user opens the email. This is controlled by checking or unchecking the box for "Make emails persistent". 

Please note that unchecking the box to allow refreshing recommendations on every open may result in more API calls per send, as we will be generating new recommendation sets each time a user opens the email and their client downloads the images again.

  • Checked (Default) = Recommendations will be generated once and remain the same
  • Unchecked = Recommendations will refresh on every open

8. Click "Create" to Save Your Template

You can always edit it again later if you need to change it - keep in mind that this will also alter how items are generated in emails that have already been sent out!

9. Send Test Email

Click the "Send Test Email" button to immediately have an email sent to the address of your LiftIgniter Lab account. This message will come from our LiftIgniter "hello@" email address, and the subject line will be "Test email for template: <template name>"

10. Remove an old or unused template

When you want to retire a particular template, click "Archive" to remove it from your list of templates. Be careful, once it's gone, it can't be restored! 

However, we do keep the template in our back-end so that if you've already sent an email using that template, we'll still be able to generate recommendations for it, whether the recipient is opening a few minutes after you archive the template, or months later.

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Embed the URLs generated for the recommendations into your email provider's templates.