We currently two types of rules surrounding what items we return in recommendations: Filters and Boosts. These can be applied either globally, or on a per-widget basis.

  • Global filtering: Always exclude items satisfying some condition (such as a particular tag, or a numerical score above or below some threshold) from recommendations.
  • Filtering based on optional parameters: Based on some optional parameters you pass in in your SDK query, we can exclude items satisfying a particular condition.
  • Global boost: We can boost content satisfying conditions (such as having a particular tag, category, or type).
  • Boost based on optional parameters: These are boosts that are activated only if you pass in optional parameters.

We have one global exclusion rule activated by default. If you include a field called "noShow" with value "true" in the LiftIgniter JSON object, then the item will be included in our inventory but will never be returned in recommendations.

Currently, rules need to be activated manually by the LiftIgniter team and may take a few days to activate. A new rules interface, allowing you to set filters both globally and on a per-widget basis, is currently in the works! In the meantime, please contact Support to request a new filter or boost rule be added to your account.